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We are a group of committed Volunteers who are either parents of deaf children or professional’s working within services for deaf children. Our primary focus is on the needs of a deaf child and we also pay strong attention to the role of the family in understanding deafness and incorporating Deaf Awareness in to their every day lives.

We support deaf children in breaking down barriers to communication, the impact their diagnosis bares on their every day life, and reducing potential feelings of low self esteem. Feedback from our members reflects the great value that is felt in our ability to provide a strong, encouraging and happy community in which deaf children may grow, communicate, create friendships, learn and be at ease.

Our aim is for deaf children to feel empowered and own their deafness which in turn enables them to realise their true potential and manage their diagnosis as they move through school and friendships towards independence.

KDCS is proud to have built strong links with other agencies such as NDCS, NHS, Kent’s Specialist Teaching Service and Kent County Council as we support our growing community through an extensive program of activities and fun packed family events.


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KDCS continues to grow and we’d love you to join us and start experiencing for yourselves the work that we do and more importantly the greater levels of happiness in your deaf child.

Unsure if you would meet our joining criteria?

Deaf children are at our core and our interpretation of deaf is covered here:

Supporting deaf children
• Deaf
• Deaf with additional needs
• Deaf with sensory needs
• Deaf with complex needs
• Hearing loss
• Hard of hearing
• Hearing-aid
• Bilateral hearing loss
• Unilateral hearing loss
• Profound hearing loss
• Temporary hearing loss
• Permanent hearing loss
• Conductive hearing loss
• Hearing loss linked to a syndrome
• Bone Anchored
• Hearing Aid
• Hearing loss as a secondary condition
* Sensorineural hearing loss
• Mild hearing loss
• Severe hearing loss
• Moderate hearing loss
• Mixed hearing loss
A self funded, not for profit, parent driven, volunteer managed, registered charity.

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E: office@kdcs.org | T: 07557 334 347 
The Maidstone Studios, New Cut Road, Vinters Park, ME14 5NZ

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